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  • Blue
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  • White Noise
  • Recollections of the Yellow House

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  • The Metamorphosis of Birds


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  • White Building

    White Building


    A mood piece that quickens Apichatpong's pace while drawling to rethink the possibility of a new wave, the notion and the revolution, amidst a modernizing hubbub which is possessed by its own tsunami nature, speed, immensity that always seems to care a little too much about the cracks and tears of white buildings. Diamond Island as a bygone period of development, a burgeoning mass-ground artifice that offers little breadth to what makes modern Cambodia truly modern, and Diamond Island, the…

  • Ruin



    It's tempting to say Ruin de-subjects the blunt trauma associating abjection with Cambodia... uncomprehending the individuals in their flashy milieux, when it's typically typified in other films that only specific locations serve that misery, attenuate the largeness of suffering to a back-alley bordello. Making it seem correct to suggest there's a strict duality: temples and human trafficking, emblemizing the manichean frontier possible for Europeans to hop off one to the other at will, at pleasures and displeasures from a Pasolinian…

Popular reviews

  • First They Killed My Father

    First They Killed My Father

    Oh god it's not even style over substance. This movie is absolutely abhorrent coming from a Cambodian guy over here; it doesn't necessarily mean I have a big say over anyone in anyway, but having studied and witnessed through the emotional wreck of many of my elder relatives, especially my grandparents, it's heartbroken to see this movie, as a national representation, crumbles apart from the first scene to the very last second. I have yet to read the book but…

  • Yearning



    Side characters each play an important role of psychological construct put to remind us of two things, 1) they are in-laws fated by the dead husband, remaining male household left to an aimless younger brother 2) they are not blood-related, thus it removes the viewers from approaching the romantic notion of incest, somewhat floats the queasy feelings at bay. In actuality, eighteen-year of quasi-siblinghood creates what one would call an adoptive kinship, the feelings are jumbled, mostly "wrong" and conducive…