Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★

The hitman scene is pretty much what happens whenever I try and be stealthy in any game ever

I adore Twin Peaks, it’s one of my favourite shows of all time, but admittedly I have barely delved into much of David Lynch’s filmography. Blue Velvet underwhelmed me a bit, so I was cautious going into this first viewing of Mulholland Drive and at first my fears were affirmed. 

The first half of this film without knowing the second half and the deeper layers of the story, threw me off, with its overacted (even for Lynch standards) performances and cringeworthy dialogue leading me to wonder at what the fuss about it was. It’s confusing and contrived and quite frankly a bit of a mess storywise. But then it hits you. The reality of the world begins to unravel and the dream is over. It all starts to make some sense, and from that moment on I realised the hype.

After finishing the film I’m left in a weird state of flux as to what to think of this movie, and like any work of Lynch, has fucked with my brain more than a truckload of LSD ever could. My overall score will most likely fluctuate but I just felt like I had to get down some thoughts now, as a film hasn’t polarised me like this one has in a long time.

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