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  • Steven Universe: The Movie

    Steven Universe: The Movie


    *Why does it matter that this movie was made by a woman? How much do you seek out movies women make?

    I've loved Steven Universe so much, I honestly don't think I can really express it. Empathetic, silly, sweet, and yet also an extremely satisfying scifi/fantasy story with many twists and turns. Rebecca Sugar herself identifies as a non-binary woman, using both she and they pronouns. I think that fact resonates through the heart of what she's created here. and only someone like her could have made this.

  • Jane Fonda in Five Acts

    Jane Fonda in Five Acts


    SH 59 #18. A Jane Fonda movie
    *Jane Fonda has been iconic in different ways and through different eras. What is she capturing in the movie you saw, and do you find it compelling in 2020?

    I picked Jane Fonda among the many actors I love to add to the hunt because she's made such a variety of interesting movies and to me they appear to be underseen. Klute, for instance, is every bit as compelling as The French Connection…

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  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    Scavenger Hunt 59 #12. A movie with an event or detail that reflects your life experience (anything goes, big or small).
    *How does seeing this element of your life reflected make you feel? Does it feel accurate to your experience?

    Frances is trying to get her stuff together while navigating a major transition in her best friendship and growing to accept that she probably won't get to have the career she thought she was going to. She's bad at identifying…

  • Stagecoach



    Scavenger Hunt 48 #23. A film from 1939
    and Film School Dropout 2019: Westerns of the 30s

    Rewatching this because I realized I couldn't remember anything except vaguely liking it, very glad I did! A character study with genuinely interesting women and a claustrophobic premise, you can see this movie at the root of many later classics.