The Blind Side ★★

Scavenger Hunt 51 #11. Watch a movie that Walter Chaw of Film Freak Central gave zero stars.

I was prepared to be a little defensive of this movie, because I think sometimes people go too hard on white savior narratives where the problem isn't so much the story but the lack of other stories being told. But no, this movie is almost everything wrong with a feel good movie about racism.

Here are some ways this movie could be better, off the top of my head:
*Other characters of color who aren't portrayed as actively involved in drugs and crime
*A genuine exploration of the family's assumptions about race or what it might be like to take a kid like this on
*The family genuinely examining the kids left behind or the moral implications of this kid getting a shot only because of sports
*A real exploration of trauma and the way it affects a young person
*A main character who isn't portrayed as "low iq" and is able to more complexly talk about his own experience and what he's experiencing emotionally
*Not having it be important that the kid learn to appreciate Rudyard Kipling
*Not having Kathy Bates get the kid not to pick one of the colleges by telling him there are spooky ghosts at it. Yikes guys, yikes.