Austin Michelson

Austin Michelson

Film major at SCAD. I try to watch a little of everything as much as I can. 

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  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    In The Heights somehow manages to make the most intimate numbers soaring spectacles, and the biggest numbers personal. Jon M. Chu masterfully adapts the musical to the screen without making it seem too staged, while also being unafraid to make a musical exactly that, which makes me very excited for his next film, an adaptation of Wicked. Anthony Ramos and Olga Merediz deserve some awards love, as does just about every other member of the cast and crew. This film is…

  • Loki


    Y’all already know how this goes

    Episode 1: I can already tell that this is going to be brilliant. Hiddleston is, as always, incredible as Loki, and it’s great to see him back to his mischievous ways. Owen Wilson is surprisingly excellent and I’m excited to see more of them together. 4.5/5

    Episode 2: I wasn’t all the way in at the start, but it picked up some serious steam towards the end. I’d love to see them do more future stuff and explore that. The ending was amazing, and Hiddleston and Owen continue to shine with Sophia Di Martino making an awesome debut. 4.5/5

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  • Ponyo



    magic fishy movie scratched my brain juuuuust right, but now that goddamn “ponyo, ponyo” song is gonna be stuck in my head for the next week

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    I knew this was gonna be great, but I didn’t think it was gonna be THIS great. It perfectly balances the humorous aspects and the seriousness, with gorgeous animation and a fantastic, laugh out loud script. I REALLY related to Katie: a weird kid starting college to study filmmaking with a dad who just doesn’t get it. I really wish we had gotten to see this on the big screen, I feel like this would’ve been a huge hit. The…