Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide ★★★★★

“God help you if you’re wrong”

“If I’m wrong then we are at war, god help us all”.

I want to paint you a picture, imagine you are aboard a submarine full of nuclear missiles. You have received orders to prepare to launch them and just as you are about to get the confirmation to launch, your communications are cut off. 

You don’t know if that message that came through was a message saying launch because we’re on the brink of war or abort the launch because there’s no need to launch them.

That is what drives this movie. It is so simplistic in plot but so masterfully executed in terms of filmmaking. This was an absolute masterclass on how to build tension. The performances of the two leads and across the board for that matter are second to none. The claustrophobic feeling of being in a submarine was felt in spades, the thought of launching missiles blind without any knowledge to what the repercussions are is absolutely terrifying. 

I don’t think I have ever been happier with the ending of a film. I honestly can safely say that I jumped, cheered & fist pumped with so much joy around my room after watching this movie man holy heckers.

Do yourselves a favour and treat yourselves to this fantastic movie.

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