F9 ★½

Not sure what happened here.

F9 is even dumber than the last one (not necessarily a complaint), I just wish it wasn’t so damn boring. The writing is a significant step down in quality, which made sense when I found out that series-appointed screenwriter Chris Morgan did not return for this entry (Justin Lin not only directed, but gets a co-writer/co-story credit here). The jokes are even more tired than they were in Fate, the action is incredibly one-note and dare I say lazy, and the world-building crumbles under its own weight the more it tries to explain itself. The Han explanation was beyond ridiculous. John Cena is woefully miscast as a serious co-lead. The worst part was the flashbacks, how laughable they were, and how prominent they were to the story. 

That all being said, as someone who’s a fan of these movies as I whole, I respect those of you who enjoyed it. I really do. I wish I liked it more than I did. The absence of both Paul Walker and The Rock was definitely felt, and I’m not sure how they can fix that “issue” moving forward. 

(Side-note: the Jurassic World: Dominion tease was mid af)

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