The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★½

"You're the king, for God's sake. You deserve it."

*This is a review of the script, not the film itself.*

Some people told me that I shouldn't have read the script for this film. They said because it was going to be a Scorsese film, it would ruin the movie for me. But, after finishing the script, I can say that the final product will be a little different.

Firstly, all of the character's names, besides a few, are changed from the final film. Also, the final film is said to be around 165 minutes. This script was around 130, meaning that there is thirty more minutes in the film that might not have been in the script. So, I don't think I spoiled it for myself as much as some have said, so here I'll list things that I liked from the script, and things that I hope Scorsese will improve on.

The Good:
-Wonderful dialogue
-Bizarre situations
-Sure to be phenomenal performance from DiCaprio
-A drugged up Jonah Hill (I'm pretty sure his character is named Danny is the script)
-Genuinely funny

The Bad:
-Some characters, Kyle Chandler's character in particular, don't have much to do
-Somewhat predictable, especially when compared to other Scorsese films

Overall, The Wolf of Wall Street is brilliantly written, despite the somewhat predictable plot progression. Look for DiCaprio to get some serious Oscar recognition, but this might be a dark horse when it comes to Best Picture. There's colorful language, tasteless sex scenes, and a shit-ton of drug use. However, that won't stop Scorsese from delivering a great dark comedy with this great script. Watch out for this one guys.

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