The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★★

"Be aggressive. Be ferocious. Be telephone fucking terrorists!"

An undeniable masterpiece from the great Martin Scorsese. At 71 years old, I had no idea that he could deliver a 3-hour film with so much sex, drugs, and insanity, and somehow keep it entertaining throughout. It's astounding, really. With the one-two punch that is Scorsese and his lead Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street is not only the best film of 2013, but it could be Scorsese's best as well.

Jordan Belfort, the main character of this film, is a vile human being, but is someone who is also surprisingly charasmatic and humorous (due to the sometimes vulgar narration and breaking of the forth wall). DiCaprio is at his finest here, and if he isn't at least nominated for Best Actor this year, the academy can go fuck themselves. Other standouts include hilarious cameos from Mathew McConnehey and Spkie Jonze, as well as great supporting roles from the beautiful Margot Robbie and the quaalude-loving Jonah Hill.

The runtime might be a little long for some, but it didn't bother me whatsoever. The time flew by and I wished I had gotten to see more of the brokers' immature antics. The "cerebral palsy" scene was absolutley hilarious and will be one of the most memorable scenes not only from this movie, but from Scorsese's career as well. DiCaprio's acting in that scene was just fantasitc and by the time he got back home to confront Jonah Hill's character, I couldn't breathe because I was laughing so hard. That scene ruined Popeye for me as well.

Also, for anyone planning to see this with any of your parents, just don't. I saw this with my dad and he didn't show it, but I could tell he was disgusted by what he was watching. He liked the film, but just seeing all the sex and drugs shown here gave off an uncomfortable vibe. Good thing my friends were there too, so it wasn't nearly as awkward. Reading the script beforehand, it didn't seem like it would be that hard of an R-rating, but I was wrong. Very wrong. There's full-frontal nudity, multiple orgies, and almost pornographic sex scenes. Yeah. I guess reading those situations just didn't seem that bad compared to actually seeing them play out on screen.

Overall, Martin Scorsese has given us a film that many film lovers will enjoy, but one that the general public might hate. It wasn't even a minute into the film when two older couples left the theater due to it's vulgar language and sex. Not only will the content draw some away, but the runtime itself is really long. But, for movie lovers like us, three hours of Scorsese is wonderful.

Don't let the contnet throw you off. Scorsese doesn't show all of these idiotic acts just to entertain, but to show how greed and money can change a person and the way they go on with their lives. It's a god-damn materpiece, from it's is awe-inspiring performances down to it's lively camera shots and music. I'm not afraid to say that The Wolf of Wall Street rivals Casino as Scorsese's best film in his entire career.

"Sell me this pen."

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