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  • Glass



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    I really wanted to love this. While 60% is a pretty good score, I wanted it to be so much higher. If im ranking acts of the movie; the first act gets an 8/10, the second gets a 7/10 and the third gets a 3/10. The final act of the film is awful. I see what he was going for, I truly do. He wanted to take a different…

  • Dragon Ball Super: Broly

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly


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    This theater experience was truly special and this is coming from a guy who isn’t a massive fan of the franchise. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’ve seen but I’m not caught up in the lore like many of my friends. I assumed it would be very difficult for me to watch this movie and not be confused. While there were some minor confusing elements, it…

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  • Good Will Hunting

    Good Will Hunting


    (This will make my all-time list)
    This movie is pure magic. I would ask why we don’t get movies like this anymore but there are many evident reasons why. The world has changed and filmmaking has changed. Movies today either have to serve the mass audience or spread a political message. Now, of course there are exceptions and some movies that do these things; I love. But not all movies have to do that. Sometimes, just watching a heartfelt

  • District 9

    District 9


    2009 list - Click HERE

    This film is so far ahead of it’s time and it does everything that an original sci-fi movie should do. It is really (if you think about it) two different films so meticulously crafted together to make one cohesive story. In the beginning, you feel as if you’re thrown into this new world. The documentary style really brings you into the story and it’s such an interesting storytelling technique. Yes, we are getting exposition…