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  • The Call of the Wild

    The Call of the Wild


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    Going into a film based on a property that people love, yet you know nothing about, can be tough. The trailer looked a bit cheesy, but it showed potential for the film to appeal to the “dog loving” crowd (I love dogs but these movies tend to fall flat). The biggest issue was the fact that the cgi felt off. I was fascinated with that decision. While I’m sure it made…

  • Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island

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    It is easily the biggest “oof” of 2020. Not that this was expected to be great; but being something Blumhouse has been marketing like crazy should have meant better things were in store. Lucy Hale just hasn’t done it for me thus far in her career. From Truth or Dare, to her awkward New Years Eve presence; I’m starting to think it just isn’t going to happen. To make matters even…

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  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari


    2019 list - Click HERE

    This movie is even better than I remember, and I remember it being fantastic. It’s difficult to quantify the impact of this story; from its structure, to its pacing, it its extraordinary talent. The chemistry between Bale and Damon is off the charts here, and it’s a story for the ages. It’s frustrating at times (the way our leads are treated), and it will leave you a bit flustered, but that is partially because what…

  • The Photograph

    The Photograph


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    This is one of those wonderfully acted films, with solid intentions, that just didn’t interest me as much as it wanted to. Lakeith Stanfield and Issa Rae have excellent chemistry here. Their relationship is (obviously) the crucial element that has to work. It works, and you understand why they feel the way they do about each other. They both come from difficult situations, but it is Mae that comes from the flashback-centric backstory here. While…

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  • The Last Thing He Wanted

    The Last Thing He Wanted


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    2020 list - Click HERE

    This has to be the most embarrassing outing of the year so far. It isn’t necessarily the worst, but it had all of the makings to be something solid. Dee Rees has shown the fact that she can bring it. Mudbound was an excellent film, and when this cast started to come together; many sensed that the magic could return. Ben Affleck always brings a sense of calmness to his movies, and…

  • Brahms: The Boy II

    Brahms: The Boy II

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    This movie impressed me with how much it could cram into the “bad” category. From the editing, to the characters, to the fact that it basically negates the previous film; it makes an abundance of bad decisions. The fact that we (somehow) flew through the story is the best part of the film. It isn’t the most difficult watch of 2020, but that does not mean it isn’t insanely flawed. The…