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Yes, you are looking at an aspiring (full-time) movie critic. But first and foremost, I will always be a comic book “sweaty.” The “superhero movie” wave is one that I never see myself getting tired of unless we get bomb after bomb (like we did in the early 2000’s, for awhile). Now that Hollywood has figured out the formula, (which occasionally hurts the movie) I just don’t see how you can completely botch one of these. Regardless, I still had that fear in the back of my head. Even though I’ve never truly hated a film in the MCU, the slight fear of failure is there with every movie. Endgame had, basically, everything riding on it. This movie had to be good. Fortunately, for myself, being someone who has been reading Marvel comics for years; it not only nailed it but it surpassed every single expectation. I truly can’t believe these filmmakers would have the guts to attempt what I just saw on screen. Avengers: Endgame is full comic book glory; but, most importantly, holds incredible acting, directing and writing which makes it a more than competent film.

All three acts are distinctly different from each other and each brings every bit of directing skill from the Russo’s. The first act sets up our characters (even though we know them by now) but it lets us know where they’ve been since we left them in the last movie. Act two is one of the most fun and inventive things I have ever seen in a superhero film. It also plays on our nostalgia for movies within and not in the MCU. Act three is full comic book madness. We get things that we never could have pictured ourselves seeing on the big screen. Guys, the final hour of this movie is just epic. And the three hours was absolutely nothing to me. I didn’t feel the length once and when it ended, I just wanted more. I could scream and rave about this movie for days but I’m saving it all for my spoiler review on YouTube. I have minor nitpicks with the mechanics of certain plot-points and one shoehorned thing at the end; otherwise, it’s everything I wanted this finale to be and more. What a way to cap off this portion of the MCU. I have to think about my all-time superhero list but I should figure it out soon.

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