Batman Begins ★★★★½

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I love this movie so much. Why did we decide to watch it again? I honestly don’t know but I am not upset by the decision. My only issue is Katie Holmes who is, as I always say, the glaring weakness to this film. She is just the worst in this movie. Literally every line of dialogue is delivered awkwardly. She used to not be as distracting as she is now; but it’s become this running joke every single time I watch the film. Otherwise, this is a fantastic origin story and Christian Bale shines as Bruce Wayne. Many argue that this is the best (pure) Batman film. The Dark Knight is the best overall movie for me but I can’t argue too strongly against this point. This is one of the only Batman movies where he is not overshadowed by the villain. Granted, our two villains here are great; but this is clearly Bale’s shining moment as this character. I freaking love this trilogy so much.

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