Bill Burr: Paper Tiger ★★★★

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I have seen some people really trash this special over the past few hours (thanks YouTube comments section) but like I always say; I don’t care. The beauty of a movie/show/special is that you can have your own opinion and share it to the world. Thankfully, Letterboxd is a more accepting place. Bill Burr is a comedian that I thoroughly enjoy but not one that I have been paying a ton of attention to over the past few years. It was only recently when I started to appreciate how funny he actually is. With this special, once again, we have a comedian coming in and tackling difficult topics in 2019. Five years ago, it would have been an after thought but today, it’s something that is making an impact on society. Many are “woke” in 2019 (I’ve never actually used that word in a sentence) and for some comedians, it’s a difficult thing to accept.

Burr wanted to come out and joke about those who are almost untouchable at this point. It’s so odd to me that Burr comes in two weeks after Chappelle and does something just as controversial. It’s almost like there is this revolution of boundary pushing standup acts coming and we are in the midst of the beginning. I honestly don’t think this was as edgy as some believe. Bill Burr is being Bill Burr and the reason why I enjoy it so much is because he has some of the best delivery in the business. Without his delivery, these jokes would have fallen flat; and to some, they did. From the #MeToo movement to feminism; Burr spares no expense and goes for it. I definitely didn’t agree with everything he said but it’s just the fact that we’re getting comedians who are becoming less afraid to flex their comedy chops; that fact has someone like me excited. If everyone begins doing that; then this will develop into an issue.

It only works (right now) because we have established/weathered comedians performing these jokes. My judgment on this standup is solely whether it made me laugh or not; and my answer is a strong yes. Some jokes felt recycled (may not have been), but once again, you’re looking at someone who recently came around on what Burr was doing for the industry. This special holds many great laughs and jokes that will make you think. He doesn’t hold back and I found those moments to be so special. They are so special that the less edgy material is what didn’t work. When he wasn’t pushing the boundary, (oddly enough) I wasn’t as into it. What does that say about me? Am I a horrible person for laughing at this? The answer is no; you just have to find the right balance for you. Everyone’s sense of humor (and ability to get agitated) is different. Check out Paper Tiger if you’re a Bill Burr fan or a massive lover of all things standup; otherwise, it may not be the best idea.

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