Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★½

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It could all come down to the fact that I have never seen the prior versions of “Black Christmas,” so I don’t have an appreciation for the material, but what was this? This is an unrefined, unfocused, and unsuccessful attempt at something that resembles a Horror movie. Most of the film is devoted to rehashing the tragic past of our main character. All of this is fine if you give us some interesting dialogue, but the pointless exposition is so distracting. We get a conversation where a character says, “I just don’t really feel like dealing with my mom right now. It’s no wonder my dad left her.” Then we proceed to talk about something completely different. Why do we need this information (that never comes back into play)? This happens all throughout the movie. This script did nothing to serve the overarching story that, in itself, is completely uninteresting. We get hints at this creepy thing happening my underneath the fraternity/sorority storyline. People are being murdered (and no one really seems to figure it out for quite sometime).

Along with the bad dialogue and pointless conversations, we also get so many poorly developed side-characters. The only chemistry that I didn’t mind was that of our lead Riley, and her “friend” Landon. They had a sweet relationship, and one that would have made for something cute in any other film. The kill sequences fit very much in the slasher category, but they should have been the highlight of the movie. Instead, every kill feels like an afterthought. The movie focuses on everything we don’t care about. It’s a Horror film that puts the tense moments on the back burner, just so we can explore this poorly written story a bit more. From the decision-making, to the fact that they overlook almost everything; the characters are pretty dumb. Not necessarily our lead; but almost every other person in the film doesn’t listen to facts or just refuses to make rational decisions. Overall, this film felt a bit pointless. It is definitely not a Christmas movie for me, and it’s hard to imagine Horror lovers getting a lot out of it. Who asked for this?

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