Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★

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My plan is to get some rewatches in, and then I hope to catch up on all of the Linklater movies I missed prior to making his list. He’s such an intriguing filmmaker. While I don’t normally talk about him as one of my favorites, he’s a Director that I respect like crazy. This has to be one of his most recognizable outings. It takes place on the last day of school at a high school in a small town in Texas in 1976. The upperclassmen are hazing the incoming freshmen, and everyone is trying to get stoned, drunk, or laid. The 70’s is a not a time that I am not familiar with, so I can’t speak to the accuracy of the film. All I can speak on is the fact that I felt every aspect of the time period captured beautifully as I was watching. This is only my second watch, as it isn’t necessarily a film that I hold in “high” regard like some others, but I still claim it to be a fairly great movie.

It captures the essence of what relationships, friendships, familial bonds, and basically every type of human connection was like during that decade. It cracks me up when they speak of how life was so dull for them, and “hopefully the 80’s will be better,” but life seemed pretty fun to me. The days before cell phones stole our lives from us are days I wish I could take part in. This film opens up that door, as it’s the ultimate blast from the past, but it’s all crafted by the hands of a brilliantly artistic filmmaker. Dazed and Confused is definitely a more accessible movie from him (for the general audience), as it gives us a peek into the lives of these kids. The cruelty of the seniors plays a big part, but it’s the realization that this is all just one big game they are playing is what really hits me hard. High School, and life at that point in general, is molded and crafted to go in a certain direction.

I love when movies can showcase teens who question that reality, and they find entertaining ways to rebel against “the man.” They sneak out, drink, smoke weed, etc. all just to feel accepted in their own way. It throws me back to that time in my life with that same mentality. It’s obviously done differently now, but that’s the beauty of showing us how they did it in the 70’s. From that story, to the filmmaking, to the performances from some young stars, it’s all solid. My only big issue is the fact that I couldn’t quite pick out my main protagonist, as the film features many. I tend to prefer gravitating towards one specific character with a movie like this. It’s just a personal choice, but this film just didn’t hit me in that way. It also features a few throwaway scenes as well. I found myself saying “let’s move on” out loud, but these are all minor criticisms for an overall great little film. McConaughey‘s presence alone makes it worth watching.

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