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Eddie Murphy is back and he brings a flare that we haven’t seen from him in years. His attempts at an acting return (over the decade) have been lackluster but Dolemite is the perfect recipe for success. You have an iconic tale of a film produced/made to appeal to fans of this character. This is a character that made an incredible social impact and influenced so many performers that we have today. There is no doubt that he is part of the reason why Eddie did what he did back in the day, and all of those things combine to prime him for glory in this role. His performance is the “make or break” aspect of this film, as it runs through his energy. When he is sad, the film slows down, and when he is embracing his alternate persona in Dolemite, the movie has an exciting pace, that will make you want to groove along with him. I haven’t encountered a film with an energy level this high, in quite awhile (or at least this year).

It is so well-paced, as Craig Brewer directs the lights out. His style is Incredibly well-suited for a plot like this, as his camera movements are quick like this pacing. It spans a longer period of time so some may not get what they want out of this story, and that is understandable. It’s isn’t the tightest script of the year, but it is tight enough to serve every character well. It evokes “The Disaster Artist” vibes, as we want this group to succeed together. The film is about embracing your struggle, finding yourself (or your character), and following your dreams wherever they take you. They take Rudy, and his crew, in interesting directions all throughout the film. It’s spontaneous, exciting and I can’t get over its energy. Every film should be this fun. Murphy is electric, and while the film may not get awards recognition, his performance has a chance (Golden Globes for sure). Check this one out, on Netflix, to witness this epic comeback.

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