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So I’ve reviewed this Horror masterpiece a few times on here, but I did want to type out my experience this time around. My wife and I watched this with her friend (who was visiting via business trip), and her friend gets terrified. She’s jumpy, easily frightened, and Horror movies freak her out. She was thrown off when I told her about the lack of jump scares (and when she saw the silly audience score), but she agreed to watch it nonetheless. This has to be one of the greatest movie reactions I have ever seen (not in a theater). I’m unsure if this would have been fun if it was my first watch, but the fact that I’ve seen it so many times only amplified my enjoyment of watching her watch it. I’ve always been the kind of guy who loves seeing others’ reactions. Whether it’s joy or fear, nothing can measure up to the thrill it brings me. Okay, that’s no true, but I the point is that I thoroughly enjoy it.

For this to not be a film full of jump-scares, she jumped so often. She was distraught when Charlie’s head came off. The entire third act had her freaking out. My wife wouldn’t let her hide under the blanket. Following the end of the film, my wife and I both scared her by hiding around the house. She absolutely lost her mind with this experience, and she later admitted that she loved every minute of it. She had so many questions, and I tried my best to answer, but the fact that she cared enough to ask was all I needed. This was just an all-around awesome experience, and it’s nice to see a more “casual audience-member” appreciate this masterpiece on this level. I also noticed even more about the film this time around. Hereditary is a movie that continues to get more impressive as it ages, and it is easily one of my favorites.

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