I Am Mother ★★★½

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I expected nothing from this movie. The trailer reminded me of TAU (2018) and I anticipated it to fall into the same category as most of the other Netflix SciFi originals. Shockingly, this one turned out to be solid. The interesting character exploration was intriguing me throughout the first act. I was getting Room mixed with Ex Machina vibes. Then, you get into the final act that harkens to movies like Terminator and 10 Cloverfield Lane. Not that this film has to measure up in terms of quality but the callbacks are obvious. I call them callbacks (and not ripoffs) because they feel genuine.

The directing is solid and the acting from our (few) actresses is great. Both leads showcase their skillset and a huge shoutout to Rose Byrne for providing her voice for Mother. That had me a bit worried, at first, but she was awesome. The film expects you to pick a side in the beginning but you struggle once the action happens. I was constantly surprised where the plot went; and while I did anticipate where the path ultimately led, it did not bother me because the destination was warranted. Many will see this as a film that moves too slow and I understand that.

The beginning is one that takes a bit to get going; but I completely understand why it was handled that way. The special effects probably impressed me the most. The mix of practical and cgi is awesome; and the entire look to the film is haunting. Do I have a few script/pacing issues? Sure, but I am still stunned at how much I enjoyed it. It isn’t often that we get a SciFi original that works. It is even less often that we get one, that is (at least) competent on Netflix. Take advantage of the rare opportunity and check out a solid original SciFi film on Netflix. This is one I would have liked to check out in a theater but I’ll take it.

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