Inception ★★★★★


I just don’t understand how this movie was conceived so well. It’s brilliantly written and a great example of an original blockbuster. Every single aspect works so well. It’s in my top ten films of all time and every time I watch it; I get something new from it. It has taken me five or six watches just to understand every “level” (figuratively and metaphorically) of this thing. I still constantly change my opinion of the ending. It’s just that thought inducing. 

Leo, Levitt, Hardy and Page are all brilliant. The entire cast gives it everything they have. Nolan does something here that I think could be the best accomplishment of his career. He combines what he did so well with The Dark Knight and Memento. I also noticed how this movie feels so much like his Batman movies on. Overall, I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said. Inception is brilliant and requires many watches to soak everything in.

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