Inception ★★★★★

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No one could have imagined a blockbuster (and one this original) making the impact that it did. From box office to the way that it resonated with fans; Inception was a culturally impressive outing for Christopher Nolan. He’s (clearly) one of my personal favorites, but what he presents with this film is undeniable. I’ve reviewed this on Letterboxd before, so I will speak upon different things, but I do want to hit on some of the nitpicks I see. Inception is full of exposition, and there is no denying that. Characters are constantly spouting out what it means to be in a specific dream-state, how that world works, and why the mission is heading in “said direction.”

It’s a lot to take in if you’re a movie buff, because this is normally an issue that takes us out of the film. Inception (somehow) manages to make it all necessary exposition, and that could just be my excuse because of how much I love the film, but I truly believe it. To learn what we must learn to have the proper experience; we must allow certain rules to be presented to us in such an obvious way. It’s a cheap trick for some Directors, but Nolan is not just “some Director.” He understands exactly what we must know immediately, and what we must figure out ourselves. I still believe there is a definitive ending, and many fans have the right answer figured out. They, nor I, will ever know what the truth is, but these are the endings that I love the most.

A film like Uncut Gems that leaves us shocked, a film like No Country for Old Men that leaves us reflecting, and a film like Inception that leaves us pondering; endings like these are unconventional, but they provide us with something to talk about when we first walk out of the movie theater. This isn’t to say I do not buy into some of the criticisms, as I see what many are saying, but I can look past them because of what this film does for me. Inception is a perfect artistic-film/blockbuster-movie combination, and it gives me another reason to love Nolan like I do. The score is repetitive, but it’s one of the best ever. The scale is massive, but it feels personal. The performances are underrated, and Leo delivers multiple standout moments. It’s just the best, and it’s easily one of my favorites of all-time.

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