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Netflix Party #2 (with my Patrons) went well yesterday. I was watching this film for the party, and because I wanted to get another viewing in before I made my Inception-related video for the channel. This film never stops improving. One striking element (that kept being brought up during our chat) was emotional depth to Leo’s performance. This is obviously a big and bold blockbuster, but there are plenty of subtle moments that allow him to deliver the Oscar-worthy performance that we normally expect. It’s almost a character study in that vein, because he is dealing with some major trauma from what happened to Mal.

Everyone is obviously brilliant in this film, but it rides on Leo’s shoulders. Zimmer’s score kicks in and continues to remind me why I love this film as much as I do. It comes down to the balance of score, visuals, script, and characters. There has never been a “grand blockbuster” that has nailed those elements (on the level that this did) but still managed to completely deliver on an original idea. Okay, there have been plenty, but Inception stands out. The debate still rages on when it comes to the ending. I’m constantly back and forth, as everyone is, but I believe I am currently in the camp of ending in a dream-state. Just the fact that we get so many different set pieces from the different levels makes this a film worth watching multiple times, and every viewing confirms why I have it so high.

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