Irresistible ★★½

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Irresistible has a lot going for it. I was curious to see whether Jon Stewart could take on and deliver on a film like this. It was extremely interesting to try and predict how this story was going to come together (only to be completely wrong with how I predicted it to play out). Seeing these performances was a treat in itself as. Carell is excellent as always, Byrne is over-the-top and hilarious, and Cooper is hilariously accurate in his portrayal of someone from a small town like this. The cast is absolutely outstanding. There are so many things to love about this movie. It was also nice to see a film handle both sides equally. It wasn’t overly heavy handed in any type of message when it comes to one side or the other. The clear message that it is going for happens in the third act, and that was a message that I was interested in when it happened. The issue comes when we talk about the execution of the film itself.

The movie has a good message. it features an interesting twist and a solid opening act, but the film loses so much steam as it progresses. The second act is such a drag, and the pacing ends up being the major downfall of the film. It also doesn’t help that the film just wasn’t all that funny. It’s classified as a Comedy first, but this year has been tragically bad for “comedies.” It could be the fact that writers are losing their comedic touch, but I’m hoping we are just in a dead period of sorts. One will come along and blow us away eventually. It wasn’t a huge deal that the humor didn’t hit, but the second act was such a drag. We get meetings, montages, some interesting-enough edits, and a story that just couldn’t find its footing. When we arrive at the “turning point” in the third act, we are expected to feel some sort of payoff. I liked the idea, but again, I just couldn’t get behind how it was executed. It feels like a missed opportunity as a whole. There are plenty of elements to love here, but it’s an overall miss for me.

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