Jaws ★★★★★


I do hate doing things by the book but that’s what you’re getting with this entry for Jaws. “Oh, he’s just going to say it’s perfect because everyone else does.” Once again, I have no control over that but I do know a great movie when I see one. I just can’t find many flaws with this movie. I have always contested that no movie is perfect but after watching Toy Story and now this (days apart), I may have to rethink that statement. Jaws isn’t necessarily my favorite of all-time but I can’t deny its utter brilliance. How Spielberg managed to pull this production together is legendary. The entire time, my wife was saying how good the shark looked. My wife is sparse with her movie compliments and even she was astounded

One thing she did critique is how simple the story is, but that’s the beauty of Jaws. It’s a story that holds so many lessons and interesting characters. The voyage to kill this beast, the backstories of some of our heroes, the leader of this town who doesn’t know what to do, etc. Jaws balances all of these things to perfection and executes them in the perfect way to capture an audience. Its funny, full of horrifying moments and just exciting enough to draw in every crowd. Movies can feel dated from this long ago, it’s just a fact. While Jaws carries tropes from that time, it does not feel dated in the least bit. This is a masterstroke of cinema and one that can never be duplicated.

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