Knives Out ★★★★½

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The wife and I wanted to revisit one of the best years for movies in recent memory. Our choice was a film that she had yet to see, but it was one that I was trying my hardest to convince her to watch. This Rian Johnson outing is one that always pays off when I recommend to friends. It seems to be a huge winner with every kind of audience. Whether you are in the mood for a fun “whodunnit,” or you just want to see an acting and directing showcase, Knives Out is going to take you on an exciting thrill-ride. I was a bit worried if my second watch would prove to hurt my score due to knowing the outcome, but like so many other great films, I was able to focus on the clues this time around.

It actually amplified the experience in a way, and the film stands out as one of the best in its genre. The cast is what (easily) brings it home. Ana de Armas gives one of the most genuine performances from last year, but Daniel Craig gives us so many memorable moments with his hilarious character. Then we dive into the dialogue that effortlessly takes us from clue to clue. This film is so well written, and it’s just an all-around powerhouse of an experience. Some predictability (the first time around) keeps it from being perfect, and maybe it is a bit long, but Knives Out is just another reason why 2019 should not be forgotten. I am still struggling with my ranking of this one on my list. Everything is just so good.

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