Logan ★★★★★


I’m not saying it’s a perfect film because no movie is; but this thing is everything I have ever wanted in a single-hero centered story. I can’t even call this a comic book movie (even though it is) because it just feels like it’s so much more than that. The directing, the shot composition, the subtle score, the color correction and the chemistry between characters is all so perfect here. 

Now that is my movie loving brain talking. My comic reading brain loves it even more becsause we finally got a wolverine movie that does justice to the character. It’s an R-rated, emotional, high octane bloodfest that paves way for many things like it to come. Deadpool started the trend that Logan capitalized on with a serious take. Sure there is subtle humor sprinkled throughout but it a just a very serious film.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give remarkable performances that transcend the genre. Daphne Keen was a revelation within the role and while the story isn’t very comic book accurate; the liberties that they took serve the story for the better. It is the most independent feeling superhero story ever and I love the small scale of the stakes. The only part I have a problem with is the expiation always video that tells the audience where X-23 comes from. Overall, I think Logan will stand the test of time and it was my favorite of 2017 being a massive comic book movie fan.

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