Ma ★★★½

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Octavia Spencer gets the chance to shine in this role. Now, the role itself and the idea that she is doing this movie is ridiculous; but it’s ridiculous in the best way possible. The side-players aren’t the best and the dialogue that they are given occasionally falls flat. The characters also make the dumbest decisions. Sure, they are kids and kids do dumb things; but sometimes I wonder if that’s an excuse we all make for bad writing. While the decisions are infuriating; I guess they are necessary because we wouldn’t have a third act without it. Even with these story issues, I still had a fun time with this film. The subplots worked and the ending, while nowhere near as gruesome as it should have been, was entertaining enough.

The R rating wasn’t taken near enough advantage of; especially with this performance that could have been taken to another level. Speaking of which, Spencer, straight up, made me feel completely uncomfortable. Her Oscar-ccaliber skills were shining through and you could tell she was just having a blast. She owns the role and brings out every emotion that a stalker/psychopath needs. The best part was the fact that you felt for her, even when you knew how crazy she was. I was struggling on who to root for at one point. While the script is average and the direction is just okay; the character of “Ma” will be one to remember from 2019. Blumhouse just knows how to bring cheaper films like this to life and I do believe this film will find its audience. 

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