Neighbors ★★★★

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After they are forced to live next to a fraternity house, a couple with a newborn baby do whatever they can to take them down.

My wife and I watched this in theaters right after we started dating in 2014, and we were able to relate to Efron’s Teddy and his college-crazed crew. While these fraternity parties in this film are amped up to an 11/10, and the neon dance sequences are fairly exaggerated, the execution is intentional. Neighbors is a brilliant play on the mindset of party-obsessed college kids compared to the “lame” feeling of being an adult, specifically a new parent. Rogan and Byrne are absolutely hilarious together, but they are painfully awkward when trying to find that side of themselves again. All of this being said, life is crazy because I no longer (even remotely) relate to the college kids. As I prepare to be a dad, seeing how these two handle every situation had the wife and I laughing so hard because that is exactly what we have been doing or saying.

It is as if this script took our lives over the past year and gave those personality traits to this main couple. Everything from having a tomato garden to obsessively worrying about how we could manage to leave the house for once, this movie is so much better now that I see life from the other perspective. Neighbors has always been one of my go-to comedies from the 2010s but for very different reasons. It is crazy how you can approach something as simple as this movie from a drastically different viewpoint, and then it hits you in a completely different way as a result. As ridiculous and over-the-top as this comedy is, and as outlandish as the premise gets, the film is packed full of cameos and laughs. The cast is stacked , and Efron’s relationship with Franco is hilariously heartfelt. The back-and-forth between both sides feels a bit repetitive, but the laughs are plentiful. This is exactly the type of comedy that I want to see more of in the future. Also, their baby is so freaking adorable. 

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