Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion ★★★★★

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There is nothing else like this movie. The closest thing I can think of is 2001 but even then, this show gave you 26 episodes prior to this mind-warping finale. Evangelion is a show that many Anime lovers hold close to their hearts but because of budget constructions; it was never given the proper send off. This movie acts as a replacement for the final few episodes and takes this finale in a completely different, yet similar, direction. Evangelion deals with Mech suits, Angels (basically a Kaiju looking creature) and learning who you are. While the action is top notch and the show is epic in every way, one reason why it resonates is because of the story with our lead.

All he wants is to find his place in the world and get rid of everything telling him otherwise. This finale is the most incredibly bizarre, insane, colorful and horrifying ending I have ever seen. While it will absolutely piss some fans off, I think the majority will love the sheer ambition. It does get to be a bit too much towards the end with the symbolism and imagery; but I was in awe throughout the entire final sequence. I will go into more depth during my YouTube review but if you are a fan of this show; this is basically a required watch. For me, it exceeded the season finale immensely and made up for the messy elements. But once again, if you have never seen the show; this will feel like an empty and confusing experience. If you have, then buckle up because you are in for something great.

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