Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

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This was originally going to be Ford v Ferrari, but the wife wanted to watch this one instead (we’re catching her up on Oscar movies). It’s funny to see how some believe I don’t like this film; because it’s lower down on all of my Oscar prediction videos. This has been an absolutely monumental year for Best Picture candidates, so it’s hard to compare greatness to greatness. This isn’t me saying there aren’t a few problems with this movie, but it’s still a great time. It combines everything we love about Tarantino’s style and flair. The acting showcase is absolutely incredible, and Leo is being a tad bit under-appreciated (again) this year. It’s clearly Joaquin’s year, but Leo was close (behind Joaquin and Driver). His emotion, from one end to the other, was so well executed on his part.

Brad Pitt is awesome, and I take nothing away from him. There are supporting performances I prefer from 2019, but it won’t be too upsetting when he wins the Oscar. Many take issue with Tate’s storyline in this film, but it felt even more necessary upon rewatch. Margot also gives a sweet performance. There were definitely more elements to nitpick this time around, and my wife’s takeaway was “it felt kind of pointless,” so that kind of hurt; but the fun was still there. It’s just an easy watch; even with that long runtime. It definitely could have been shorter, but every scene feels necessary due to its style. The dialogue is tight, the Tarantino tropes work well, and that third act is exactly what I wanted it to be. It actually shocked me because it was more contained than anticipated. Overall, I love this movie, and any other year it would crack my top 10.

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