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This movie is the definition of a good time in the theater. Its style takes a minute to adjust to because it is so far beyond our expectations (in terms of fantastical elements). Some will see it as over-the-top and I honestly did at first; but then I stopped myself in my tracks and said “wait a second, that’s what Elton is all about?!” Once I accepted the movie for what it was bringing me, I was all in. Honestly, when Egerton came on screen; that was the moment when I was hooked. The young kids were pretty good and I’m glad they explored Elton’s past. But we are here to see this highly anticipated performance from Egerton and this man does not disappoint. It’s not just his energy, the fact that he is singing or even his facial expressions; it’s the passion you can see dripping off of him during every single scene.

This man was born to play this role and he deserves an Academy Award nomination (at the time of this review). It did skip through a few integral, character building, moments that would have been nice to explore more. There is also a scene towards the end that felt poorly edited. But I can’t strike the filmmaking too hard because of how awesome this was to look at. The capturing of the time period, the colors and certain shots were just awesome. The directing wasn’t flawless but it was absolutely a positive. The acting, all-around, was top notch. Jamie Bell is another standout and gives his career best performance. This is a personal story about a man who is just wanting to feel loved. He is trying to discover who he wants to be while balancing who he should be.

The film does use cgi in the same way as BoRhap; and some shots weren’t the best. It also never gave me an incredible concert scene like A Star is Born or even BoRhap had. As much as people hate that film, I did see a few similarities between the two (don’t hurt me). The difference here is the way this story was told. Sure it fast-forwards through certain things but the storytelling is so intriguing; you don’t mind. The musical aspect turned it into something fresh and the fact that other characters got in on the singing-action, was refreshing. Not every number worked, but the majority did. Egerton, once again, stole every single moment ofscreen-time  and his energy is infectious. Elton should be proud to have a movie represent him in this way. If you love musical, fantasy-esq biopics; Rocketman is one to watch.


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