Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

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There is no reason why I shouldn’t raise my score to a 10/10 this time around. I have been stuck at 9.8 for so long, and I’ve just been too stubborn to change it up. My biggest issue (on first watch) was the Kingpin storyline, and how it just wasn’t as fleshed out as it needed to be. We get one flashback scene and that’s it. As I continue to rewatch; I’m starting to look at it more as “the shadowy figure in the background.” He is this overwhelming (both physically and mentally) crime-boss, and he is voiced to perfection. He’s definitely grown on me every single time, and that being my biggest nitpick has made me go back and rethink my opinion. It’s just everything you want in an animated film. It carries an incredible message, memorable characters that you care about, and multiple epic moments.

The score is just the best, the soundtrack may be my favorite of that year, and the art style is one of the best to ever be showcased on the big screen. The more details that come out about how this was animated; the better the film gets. Miles representing multiple cultures is a beautiful thing to include. They could have easily overlooked a detail like that. The common criticism (that I see) is the fact that the humor appeals a bit more towards kids than adults, but I honestly disagree. This film works so well in that department, and it holds the perfect balance. This review is basically a retread of things I have said before. Now it’s time to place it in my official top-movies list. Deciding on how to order this list is legitimately the most stressful thing I’ve done in awhile. Never could I have imagined that an animated Spider-Man movie would be on that list.

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🔜Escape from Pretoria

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