Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½


THIRD WATCH👀 I wanted to give this a few months before I watched it again to see how I felt about it. 

Okay.. Gonna jot thoughts as I go.

Opening - Good fight sequence.
Luke intro - I liked it. Some didn’t. I did.

Snoke/Kylo intro - Classic Star Wars.

Grumpy old man Luke - I dig it. Characters change. It was warranted. 

Rey begins to hear voices - Great filmmaking. 

Next space battle - Pretty fun

Princess using the force - I’m indifferent. I believe that the force needed her alive so it was with her at that moment. Keeping her alive. I could’ve done without the moment though. Keep away all that dang controversy. Sheesh. 

Luke and R2 - YES PLEASE. ALL DAY.

Finn and Rose meets - Good scene 

Maz scene - Not a huge fan

Rey/Kylo force vision scenes - I dig them so much.

The look of the casino is great... The Casino side plot - Not a big fan. 

Rey training with Lightsaber - BEAUTIFUL 

Some of the Casino scene is good. The music behind the end of it is great. The moral themes were unnecessary. Not needed in a Star Wars film. 

Benicio’s character is strange. Idk if I get him.

Okay so the entire Rey/Luke side plot is fantastic. 

The Yoda scene gave me literal goosebumps. Powerful. 

Not a huge Holdo fan but the Po side plot is pretty good. I thought he gets a good arc in this one. 

Kylo/Rey/Snoke scene - You will never convince me that it’s not great.

The Holdo lightspeed scene - AWESOME

Fin’s fight - Not too shabby. Not great.

I just don’t think I like Rose.

Loving this end battle. I think Fin should’ve sacrificed himself. The Rose scene felt SO forced. Horrible line delivery. 

Like reuniting with Leia - Chills 

Luke scene - Ummmm go home haters.

Luke vs Kylo - Awwsome. Not what I wanted going in but awesome.

Luke’s death - poetic and beautiful 

Broom kid - weird final scene

Overall, I’m a bit lower than I was. I need to do a deep dive on this movie. Some scenes that don’t work. Majority of it works very well for me. Some of the best cinematography in Star Wars. The hate is just souring the rewatchability because I get so mad thinking about the trolls. 

But I still love the film.

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