Tenet ★★★★

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It’s actually amazing how many parallels I am drawing between this and I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Both films deserved a rewatch, both are getting the same score from me again, and both took me forever to log on Letterboxd. I have only been holding out because I could not decide on whether or not to raise my score a percentage point or not (making it round up to a 9 because math). I know it is this specific and meticulous detail that shouldn’t matter, but this film is special for a plethora of reasons. It is not only a new Nolan film (which is always great), but it’s a complex movie that deserves time spent thinking about it. I’ve already seen one critic go from not liking it at all to an extremely high score, so it is clearly doing something for people on second watch.

It did actually confirm a few things for me this time around, but I feel as if I need one more concrete viewing to really make a final judgment. Another reason for this was my experience; there was a group of teens that would not shut up. I tried to quiet them countless times, as did everyone there, but it really compromised the experience. I love going to the theater in general, but this is actually my job. My job is to pay attention. My job is to soak in every detail. I can’t do that with morons screaming the entire time. Why pay that kind of money for something you aren’t going to pay attention to? I finally alerted a friend (who works there), and they were spoken to after the showing, but goodness was it rude.

While I was able to feel the film fairly well, this absolutely compromised my experience as a whole, and I wasn’t able to dive in like I wanted to for this second review. I want to apologize for this entry being all about this, but I am sure you all have felt my pain before. Because of this, I have to risk going and seeing it again (I technically don’t have to, but I want to feel confident in my rating for you all). While I have truly grown more positive on the integral details of the plot (Sator square, spoiler-theories, story-construction), I am still unsure if it is presented in the best way. Many of my criticisms still stand, but the package as a whole delivered incredibly on both watches. Things are much more obvious this time because of the seeds that are played throughout. This film deserves another viewing from me, and that will hopefully be this week.

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