The Dark Knight ★★★★★

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To carry the title of “greatest of all-time” is a tough task to achieve. Even if it isn’t your favorite; this film has been talked about as the best superhero movie in existence for 12 years. After the culmination of the MCU’s infinity saga, the Fox X-Men run, boundary-pushing movies like Deadpool and Joker; this film is still (barley) hanging on as the one that the majority go back to as the best. That is impressive. It’s also (in my opinion) one of the biggest travesties in Oscar history. Not recognizing this for a Best Picture nomination is actually insane. Obviously I’m a bit bias, but even non-comic book obsessors have my back on this one. This snub was one of the reasons why we saw an expansion, which proves the point. Regardless, it’s a masterful look into how corruption and chaos can be the downfall of civilization. While it hurts to criticize this film; we are going to go for it anyway. Now I have heard the critique that Nolan’s Gotham is a bit boring.

I assume this is boring from a design/structural standpoint, and if that is the case; I can absolutely see why some think that. It does just look like another city. Once you get into the ins and outs of how this city operates; that’s when it begins to come alive. The history of this version of Gotham is so rich, and the way that the people can turn/stick with those in charge ends up being a character in itself. Bale is incredible in this film. He often gets overshadowed by Ledger, understandably so, but he owns it. His Batman voice is a bit much, but it is definitely engrained in our brains. Joker shouldn’t even have to be addressed, but it’s just phenomenal. The fact that we now have two Oscar winning Joker performances proves that comic book enthusiasts are spoiled with riches. The fact that we have a trilogy, directed by one of the greatest Directors of our time, featuring a realistic version of an iconic superhero; is actually unbelievable.

This is also the film that allowed us to take these “silly superhero blockbusters” a bit more seriously. It “changes the game” as many have been saying for years, and it continues to impress as a cohesive film. A nitpick could be two face storyline, but I’m actually a huge fan of what they did with him. My wife was complaining about his face, and how he would not be able to walk around with those injuries. She’s a nurse so I believe her, but it’s my one piece of that story where suspension of disbelief carries me to the finish line. Oldman’s accent also shines through multiple times in the film. The rooftop scene always cracks me up, but I love him so much as Gordon. You’re reading me sit and try to nitpick one of my favorite movies of all-time. We can do this with any film, but it is more fun/challenging when it is one that we hold in such high regard. This rewatch was for my “favorites of all-time” video, and let’s just say that it was well worth another viewing. It’s a masterpiece in every sense of the word.

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