The Haunting ★★★★★


I have already thoroughly reviewed this series, so I’m just here to talk about how much it holds up. This is a revolutionary horror show and one that adds an entire new level of what you can do with the pre-existing tropes. It’s an amazing show with top notch characters. The reason why is because it spends time (full episodes) building each character to their fullest. The fleshing out (of each) goes above and beyond what we have been seeing in horror lately. That, on top of the top notch scares, completes the double impact of perfection for me.

I am not a big fan of jump scares but there is one jump scare in this show that tops anything else I have ever seen. It is the definitive jump scare. It’s also important because of what the characters are going through at that moment. Sure, the final few episodes aren’t as well executed as the beginning; but all things will go down hill after the perfection of episode 6. I did not expect to rewatch this show but my parents wanted to when I visited; and that’s what we did. They both loved it and we watched it from beginning to end. 

🔜The End of Evangelion (Netflix)

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