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The poor filmmakers involved with this film deserve better. Whether you like the movie or not; the fact that it was pushed is completely ridiculous. It’s full of satire, impacting both sides of the political spectrum, and there are even jokes that I could have gotten offended at. Yet a satire in this vein (one that hits everything equally) deserves to have the freedom to say whatever it wants. If this offends you, then that sucks, but there is no reason to delay the film because of it. I have seen countless films that have attacked my beliefs, yet I continue to sit in silence because they have their freedom of speech. None of what I just said should be taken into account when thinking of my score for this movie. We judge the movies themselves and not the controversy, right? We are supposed to. Regardless, The Hunt is extremely entertaining at times. It’s full of over-the-top violence, plenty of political satire, and a stellar performance from Betty Gilpin. She dominates every ounce of screen time, and (subtlety at times) owns this character.

The interactions (and hesitantly to trust no one) are hilarious, and she proves to be perfect casting. When we see her lash out with anger; it becomes some of the more entertaining moments of 2020 thus far. Her role in this film is one that you may not expect at first, as this narrative shifts multiple times within the first act, but her presence is welcomed. Everyone else is great as well, and the fact that you never know who is going to bite the dust works. The way it makes you keep adjusting your expectations is somewhat smart. The overarching story is where the film begins to fall apart. It’s fine, but there are never the integral moments that were needed to serve the overall purpose. The final fight is great, but it didn’t answer some important questions. It also may have went a bit overboard with the humor. Feel free to play on real-life elements, but try to make them all funny. Certain jokes just felt awkward. The film also feels rushed, but it’s a breeze at the same time. It’s (unfortunately) messy, but it’s one that held some great moments that make it worth watching.

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