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  • Enter the Void
  • The Celebration
  • Taste of Cherry
  • Naked

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  • Man Bites Dog


  • You Don't Mess with the Zohan


  • The Devil's Advocate


  • The Northman


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  • Man Bites Dog

    Man Bites Dog


    A very, very creative, funny but also nightmarish mockumentary that had me from the very beginning. There’s parts in this where because this is filmed as a documentary, and the Director, Cameraman and sound man are all characters, there will be parts where the camera is with the hitman, but the sound guy is like 4 stories below them, so the microphone will be picking up the echos of what he’s saying as we see him saying it. Just shit…

  • The Devil's Advocate

    The Devil's Advocate


    Pacino’s having the time of his life, Keanu is thirsting for an Oscar. Pretty predictable, all the accents sound like they come from South Park.
    Just watch Rosemary’s Baby Bruh.

    Spoilers: how the fuck does an Italian-American and a full blown Deep South Florida woman create a Canadian-Asian with a forced Gainsville accent?

Popular reviews

  • Dogtooth



    What a way to end my birthday.

    Call me a sick fuck but this made me laugh quite the bit, especially when the security girl (forgot her name) asked the son what dreams he had lately. The father was one of the most repulsive creatures I have ever seen, the mother kinda reminded me of a Greek Kathleen Turner. I really noticed Yorgos’s dialogue in this one and I don’t know why it was so funny to me this time, and for once in a movie, the disturbing shit actually effected me.

  • Dogville



    Ok, this is my favourite Von Trier.

    Never once was I disappointed or have problems, apart from some cgi but I don’t really care it’s 2003. The ending was satisfying, creative and funny, not in a bad way. The things leading up to it where painful but not in the typical Von Trier style.

    This is an easy top 10 for me and a film that leaves much inspiration for me.