La Haine

La Haine ★★★★½

La Haine is truly powerful filmmaking. The film is about 3 young men aimlessly wandering the streets the day after a riot. This riot was because one of their friends was a victim of police brutality. I chose to watch this because it directly aligns with what's happening in America in these past few days. In the future, I think I might do a double feature of this and Do the Right Thing because of how thematically similar they are, and how powerful of a message they both send.

La Haine shows 3 unique perspectives with the 3 friends, each character is a common reaction to the combination of both the instance of police brutality, and the way that the system seems to be directly at odds with their desires. Vinz is the character of pent up aggression due to this system and he wishes to fight back in a spectacular way to change the way things are. Hubert is fed up with the way things are, but he wishes to get away from things and move out in hopes of a better, more organized life, this leads to him being the most sensible and grounded of the bunch. Said is apathetic, he realizes these issues, but he chooses not to act against them and instead sort of floats by in life, pretending to be content with the way things are. These characters are brilliant and fleshed out.

This film offers a very unique way of viewing things. The characters are sympathetic at all times despite their decisions as we can see what their lives are like and what they've been through. I think this is incredibly important to watch, especially in times like these. It's bleak, but it's the truth and it's necessary to see these types of stories as they can shape your view of the world.

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