Midsommar ★★★½

While I think this is much better than Hereditary from a technical aspect, the story just falls pretty flat for me. The shots are absolutely beautiful throughout and I think it’s really cool how it’s set almost entirely in the daytime, something that subverts that common trope of the horror genre. The daytime creates a generally unsettling and uncomfortable atmosphere of the cult scenario.

However, my issue with this film arises from the beginning being so promising. There were some interesting and creative camera movements that I don't think I’ve ever seen executed so well. However, once they arrive at the Midsommar event, there isn't a lot of interesting camera work. There were so many ways the story could’ve gone, such as dealing with grief or wanting to end a relationship at a bad time, but it all seemed underdeveloped. There were set ups that never really paid off and I wasn’t ever invested in the character’s lives or stories.

This is more artsy than Hereditary at the cost of a well developed narrative. Don’t get me wrong, though, I love artsy films. This just never really seemed to be about anything and the themes explored were just all over the place.

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