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  • Blood Rage

    Blood Rage


    Mama's going to get you a rich daddy!

    I love this movies eccentric characters, brutal violence, weird drunken single mother commentary, mental instability, and so much more. The final act really seals the deal for me; it's an incredible and wild ride full of mental breakdown, wacky comedy, and brutality. Definitely a little goofy at times, but that's part of its charm. I really vibed on the the special effects and soundtrack - there is no better combo than synth over practical effects. Bumped this up half a star from my last viewing, I really have a lot of fun with this movie.

  • Bad Trip

    Bad Trip


    Total anarchy and hilarity. I love all of the absurd stuff Eric Andre does, so I have a pretty large bias going into this film. I was really impressed with how Andre's chaotic style was able to be strung into a pretty coherent plot. Also, Tiffany Haddish was actually incredible in this and I wasn't quite expecting that.

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  • There's Nothing Out There

    There's Nothing Out There


    Doreen: Where's Jim?
    Mike: He's melting in the other room.

    Skinny dipping, laser eyes, laser deflection, frog monsters, booby traps, body snatching, and a whole lot of slime.

    Nothing above and beyond or extremely special, but a ton of cheesy fun that I'm excited to revisit in the future. I really enjoyed the intro/outro, they were both a lot of fun. The main character can be a little annoying as others have stated, but it didn't take away from my…

  • Let the Corpses Tan

    Let the Corpses Tan


    I don't like cops. I don't like society. Do you understand? No. You don't get it. It might be an amusing debate, but you'd be at a loss for words. I don't think you're too smart. You are a cop, after all. You should just die, I hope Rhino kills you.

    Spaghetti-Poliziotteschi-Giallo-Western. Leather, ants, paint, gold, violence, guns, cops, crosses, stone, sand, backlighting, memories, and the coolest music ring. Heavy handed but not derivative.

    Loved the tension and pacing. A…