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  • Halloween
  • 8Β½
  • Miami Connection
  • New York Ninja

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  • We're All Going to the World's Fair


  • Alien Private Eye


  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2


  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


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  • Alien Private Eye

    Alien Private Eye


    Rene: What are you?
    Lemro: An alien.
    Rene: That's obvious.
    Lemro: What, are you prejudice or something?
    Rene: No.
    Lemro: Suppose I was an alien and Jewish. How'd you like that?
    Rene: It has nothing to do with that.
    Lemro: Suppose I was an alien and black. How'd that be?
    Rene: I don't ever wanna see you again!

    An alien PI who just wants to meet people and dance finds himself in the middle of a galactic drug ring and…

  • Stone Cold

    Stone Cold


    Imagine the future, Chains, because you're not in it.

    Greasy goons, executions, a boat bombing, a white supremacist biker gang, sunglasses, leather jackets, tough guy earrings, big explosions, glorious squibs, people flying through glass, motorcycles flying through glass, smoky bars, undercover cop shenanigans, helicopter stunts, and extreme excess almost to the point of parody. There is an unspoken battle between Henriksen and Bosworth to see who can have the most stylish sunglasses in this universe.

    I knew when the movie…

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  • Zeder



    Cemetery Worker: Luigi Costa... hmm here. Here he is, he got put down in the night club.
    Stefano: What did you say?
    Cemetery Worker: The night club. Its always been called that, it's a sort of a.. sort of a crypt that's underground. Sorry I can't go with ya, I could picture myself doing a rumba with the little lady.

    Cold and moody locations, shrouded by shadows and mystery.

    I'm really glad I gave this movie a second try. I…

  • Hard Target

    Hard Target


    If you men would die quieter and pick up the pace, Boudreaux would have less time for these little surprises.

    I could watch JCVD kicking people across the face in slow motion all day. This has all of the amazing action and set pieces that you expect from John Woo. The violence is graphic, the slow motion is perfectly excessive, the explosions are large, the characters are larger than life, the goons are unique and memorable, the mullet is fierce,…