Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust ★★★★

Oh boy.

I had been putting off watching this for a while now, and a Last Drive-In episode presented the perfect opportunity to finally give it a watch. And, I mean, what is there to say that probably hasn’t been said already? The movie has 40 years of takes on it?

It’s a critique that isn’t new or very original, but true nonetheless. The film criticizes using shock violence, gore, and sex to get views, while also doing the same thing it’s attempting to condemn. Like I said, not a total original take.

I would call that an unfair stance if there weren’t so many real animals being killed on camera. Regardless if they were eaten by the indigenous groups later.

A better critique, which has also been made, is that the groups presented in the film don’t really resemble the real groups as they are. They were made up to be more feral or, well, cannibalistic, to play up their role in the movie. Which kind of does go against the intended message.

The film seeks to shock and disgust the viewer. To make them squirm a little bit. And it succeeds. It’s reputation is warranted, I won’t deny that.

In a way it’s powerful in just how far it tries to push the boundaries of filmmaking, but it also detracts from the point of it and makes it seem a bit silly (probably not the best word). 

And the final line of the film, “I wonder who the real cannibals are,” could either come across as a fantastic way to close it all or just corny.

Oh, and did I mention the awesome score? The absolute best parts of the movie was the contrast between the relaxing and pleasant music atop the scenes of gruesome violence.

It’s a film that will live in infamy forever. How many movies can say that? People were talking about this movie 40 years ago, and now, and probably 40 years from now. It’s intended message will likely always resonate, even if it’s specific content doesn’t.

Anyway, I didn’t write a lot, but I didn’t mean to write this much. It’s shocking, and definitely not for everyone. I probably won’t go recommending this to that many (if any) people, but, hey, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen Cannibal Holocaust now.

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