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  • Privilege



    an interesting and very british dystopian psychodrama commenting not only on the state’s perverted efforts influencing culture, but on the nature between the fan and the superstar. i really feel peter watkins working through the cycles of these themes in the way this is written but not all of his ideas hit the mark. i find it strange that even though this movie is supposed to be about a megastar that is essentially worshipped like a god, we’re almost entirely…

  • Diabolique



    the heights this movie reaches are amazing and they are all drenched in beautiful shadows and pristine luminosity. each shot is striking and unique and they leave an imprint on your brain that lasts forever. the ending reveal kind of undercuts everything that it was building up towards but this is such a great exercise in moviemaking that i can look past it pretty easily. tres excellent

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  • Dig!



    people really be having whole ass careers as tambourine players

  • Fists in the Pocket

    Fists in the Pocket


    wow this was amazing, and hit all the right notes for me style and subjectwise. lou castel is very unsettling and does a great job, alberto marrama does some wildly creative things with the camera, and the ending was intense and disturbing. this movie gets away with a lot of mean spiritedness somehow, and i can't exactly put my finger on it but whatever marco bellocchio did was both effective and powerful. meravigliosa