Vice Versa

Vice Versa ★★★½

WEIRD FACT: I never saw Big as a child, but I loved Vice Versa. Watched the VHS until it was faded. I remember it pretty well, and I’m not sure it’s gonna hold up!
Well... ok, it’s not the masterpiece I hoped it was. It was cute, but Big is superior in every way. 
For example, part of the magic of Tom Hanks’ character is that his childlike innocence and enthusiasm have a profound effect, improving the lives of the people around him. Here, Judge Reinhold’s character doesn’t accomplish nearly as much. He doesn’t do well at his job, and his coworkers basically think he’s gone insane. The only relationship that is improved is between the dad and his girlfriend. 
The weird art smuggling(?) subplot seemed unnecessary, and it was just a boring distraction. I honestly don’t even know what the two villains were trying to accomplish. This impacts the third act, because we have to resolve this subplot that no one cared about anyway. Big had a far more emotional and satisfying ending. 
Big is famous for little-boy-Tom-Hanks having sex with an adult woman. Here, Judge Reinhold gets cockblocked by his dadson! Big obviously has the advantage there!
Yeah, it’s not a great movie, but I enjoyed it. I don’t know if anyone will like this movie if they didn’t grow up with it, though. 

NOTE: Several women contemplate 11 year old Fred Savage in a sexual way-

 1. His teacher, who is visibly aroused at the thought of having an illicit affair with him. 
 2. His dad’s adult girlfriend comes just a split second from making out with him. 
 3. His own mom appears to check him out in the bathtub.