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This review may contain spoilers.

So, abigay has blocked me even though she said that no men, even if LGBT+, should have an opinion. ( So, I'll show my opinion where there's no sexism and no dismissing the same oppression both gay men and lesbian women have.

And it's been a while since I've first watched back in April, but I remember gorgeous portrayals by the lead actresses and I don't often sound like that I'm basing relationships on beauty when I never do. They're just perfect actors playing characters in a very specific era (I think it's also down to the costume design that lost to Mad Max, which was OK.) I think the romance is portrayed so tastefully. I'll admit that when the first time i watched there was a "will they, won't they" attitude, especially at the end. I'm guessing that'll be caused by my Asperger's and the fact they were so angry before leaving. The story is fictional, but they stayed together. It is a great film and I'm glad for such the great reception as the "best LGBT+ film" and a little shame I missed it at Leeds first time. 

So yeah, I wrote a review and there's no sexism or demeaning myself as a monster with apparently slimy hands or demeaning any women for being women with stupid insults and slut shaming taunts, just an observation of love, after all, all love is human and I'm not going to be closed out into a single gendered box and go back to gender norms by an ultra-feminist with such a hypocritical idea for a list.

Now I'll go back to my BA Film & TV course and watch Big Brother as suggested.

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