Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Film #7 of the "Scavenger Hunt 17" Challenge
30. A film that you encountered while doing this scavenger hunt that you'd like to watch but that just did not fit the requirements well enough.

Reason for picking this film: Close to being a yellow poster but is more green. I also chose Madonna instead of Jared Leto for the singer acting challenge. How the fuck is Jared Leto going to recover and go back to Thirty Seconds to Mars from the psychological shit he put himself through?

Seen at the Cineworld Bradford at 3:15pm.

Oh my fucking god! What a total mess. Excuse me the fact that I'm not a comic book expert but my boyfriend jmw300 is, and he noticed way more flaws I have although I've noticed just as many. The editing was a mess. I kept reading that quote over and over in other people's reviews and it's messy enough for me to compare to Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

But it's not just the editing. The film is a shit tip. The plot, the number of characters and the amount of time given to those characters. Feels like basically everything. Not even Will Smith's Deadshot or Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn gets enough screen time, with not much acknowledgement at all for Jared Leto's Joker, who I felt was a mishmosh of all of the past Jokers, Heath Ledger being the (way too) closest to influencing Jared. Shame. But the main issue is that with no proper back stories, they just throw in a lot of these characters and even then, we don't see enough comedy, we don't see enough action, instead most of the time the film is sappy. Even a Batman Begins reference is included. Sappier than The Notorious Bettie Page I've seen earlier this week y'all.

The finale and the villains' villains are lackluster. Mind you they would have been better as the ghosts of Ghostbusters. I believed it might have been the ghosts that the Ghostbusters would actually catch. The villain are easy to kill anyway and I could easily photoshop this finale for the Ghostbusters to be in Suicide Squad's place. Would have been higher than the 3 1/2 stars that I gave it. All it needs now is more actual jokes like Mike and Dave Needs Wedding Dates does, a proper script like any 80s comedy and the original Ghostbusters.

This review might as uneven as the film itself, but the last target I want to attack is: the music!!! Queen!!! Suicide Squad trailer!!! That was fantastic. What we did get? Gun scene??? Kanye West??? AGAIN!?! Nope. This soundtrack feels like the 2010s version of Blue Brothers 2000. You know. Random scenes happen then people stay singing. Not quite the same with this but with the random songs and Bohemian Rhapsody saved for the end, I'm still very disappointed.

The few good things: Even with Margot Robbie's Harley, her lines aren't perfect. We need more fucking comedian-writers if you want to beat Deadpool or even Tank Girl. Dare I say Lori Petty's current project OINTB? If that does ever happen, Mr Warner, I would want a spin-off of Harley Quinn, with proper back story, good justice and the most familar character traits. My boyfriend disagrees with the fact that she is forced to eat in the prison. But I agree with Killer Croc that he is beautiful. EVERYBODY IS BEAUTIFUL!

Mais encore, le film est un désordre total.

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