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  • The Blair Witch Project
  • Metropolitan
  • Brief Encounter

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  • The Return of the Living Dead


  • One False Move


  • Terror on the Prairie


  • Hunger


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  • Point Blank

    Point Blank


    This was a surprise ten for sure. Immaculate haunt and also those SM scenes were killer. Just as absurd as his drive to get his money is their refusal to give it to him.

    Unfortunately I’m seeing some ppl I know (acquaintances at best) logging green inferno with a “like”, so I’m on a plane to NY rn to impart a different, more substantial sort of inferno upon them.

  • Paranoid Park

    Paranoid Park


    Zaid recommended this cause I was talking so much about elliott smith angeles and it's in this film. I've been learning how to play several elliott smith songs on the guitar, and I just started practicing angeles yesterday cause it played at the end of a normal people episode and the combination of my love for the song and the emotional context of the episode made me obsessive. Like my entire mood and headspace have been dictated by angeles for…