Shoah ★★★★★

Watched about 6.5 hours yesterday and the remaining 3 hours today. Thought about a lot of things during the whole course of it, but what I'm thinking about now is how aggressive it was sometimes. Lanzmann is focused on producing results. When he senses that someone has something to tell but isn't, he digs for it. He includes footage he secretly recorded of interviews he had with ex-nazis in their own homes. He's ruthless, honestly. It's not for show. Except for one scene, I don't remember him including interviews where questions are asked without response, like michael moore style.

What struck me about the film too was that it had any tilt towards specific themes. Lanzmann seemed really interested in the way the Holocaust was an industrial process. The first half ends with a shot of a Saurer truck and the second half with a shot of a train. A lot of time is spent by the railroad tracks, discussing with Poles where exactly Jews unloaded from the trains, where they stood near the tracks, how often these trains came in, etc. The camera sometimes rolls along these tracks, sometimes it's aboard a train too. It's a nightmarish thing really.