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  • Maniac



    imagine being elijah wood and not being like "hehe i am a horror icon now, i do exclusively horror now, hehe :)" god i wish

  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


    I love the popcorn!

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  • Room



    ok but could you guys imagine a boyhood concept movie following this kid? like fuck boring white boy mason i want to see THIS EXTREMELY INTERESTING KID CHARACTER GROWING literally go die linklater

  • Krampus



    I've been going through a stint of textbook depression for the past couple of days (emptiness, lack of motivation, insecurity, tiredness). I felt like I had no interest in movies and it was a horrible feeling and I felt trapped. It was literally a chore to get my ass in the theatre and see this at 10:25. For the entire film after the first 10 minutes, I cried nonstop. This is what I needed. I love movies so much.