Saw ★★★★★

Starting the year off with the thing I love above all.

Saw has always been there for me when I have needed comfort. I made damn sure to make Hello Zepp the first song I listened to in 2016 because I’m that lame and this year, on December 24th, it’ll mark the fifth anniversary of me watching this fucking landmark of cinema for the very first time. I honestly feel like crying whenever I think about how I was a little twelve year old who just wanted to see some cool traps and ended up falling in love with the whole Saw mythos and the two men known as Leigh Whannell and James Wan almost five years ago. It only feels fitting that I kicked off 2016 crying, feeling lonely, and being cozy and naked watching this trash at 4 am. I don’t think anyone can really understand how I feel about this movie and I’m sure it seems incredibly silly but whatever. I will love this movie forever and I will never stop defending it. For half of 2012, I literally fell asleep to this every night. I can quote every (and I mean every) word. I have gone from thinking Leigh Whannell was super hot to looking up to him as a father figure and seeing him follow me on Twitter and literally DM me after boy problems. The second Adam presses play on the tape recorder in the last five minutes, basically my whole world stops and I’m taken back to my first viewing of the movie. I knew the twist while watching, but I was still amazed and I will never not think that that is the best fucking ending in the history of film. My baby gore-whore-in-training brain became intrigued with the Saw series when I was 12 and I basically couldn’t be more thankful, I simply couldn’t have picked a better film/franchise to watch intensely, pick apart, fall in love with, grow up with, and most importantly, adore immensely and unconditionally.

game over.

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