• Arrival



    I hate when he wears those dumb glasses 🙄

  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit


    Machiavellian ass bitch

  • Hostel



    One of the cheekiest movies of all time. Eli Roth knew what he had to do and the douchebag did it!

  • Clerks II

    Clerks II


    Who would be friends with me!!! I hate everyone and everything seems stupid to me!!!

  • Superbad



    We could be that mistake! ❤️

  • Whiplash



    “Why is he allowed to be like this... like what does he do?”

    “What do you mean? Like, why is he God?”

  • Jigsaw



    I speak for the dead!!! 🤩

  • Saw 3D

    Saw 3D


    “I mean they obviously didn’t plan all this out but it’s still pretty cool.”

  • Saw VI

    Saw VI


    Leftist John Kramer!

  • Saw V

    Saw V


    Smart sexy strong Strahm

  • Saw IV

    Saw IV


    Enough of Hoffman’s fucking charades!!!

  • Saw III

    Saw III